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ACSC/APF 2015 Conference Outcome Statement: “A People-Centered ASEAN Community: Making It Happen”
APF 2015 November

To download the full text of the outcome statement, click HERE.   "A PEOPLE-CENTERED ASEAN COMMUNITY: MAKING IT HAPPEN”   ACSC/APF 2015 CONFERENCE OUTCOME STATEMENT   17 – 19 November 2015, Kuala Lumpur   1.   While the focus in the region is on the upcoming 27th ASEAN Summit between the ASEAN heads of states and the global dialogue partners, representatives from ASEAN civil society have gathered again at the ACSC/APF 2015 Conference,

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“A Call for Democratic Renewal” – Statement of Steering Committee of World Movement for Democracy

A Call for Democratic Renewal   Statement released by the Steering Committee of the World Movement for Democracy November, 2015   Democracy is being challenged today as never before since the end of the Cold War. The challenge is not the result of a particular crisis or democratic breakdown but has multiple sources. It is reflected in the conclusion of the most recent Freedom House global survey that human rights and civil liberties have

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[SC Member News] GPPAC – SEA: Statement on Women’s Participation in 2015 Myanmar General Elections
FINAL STATEMENT for email 150res

  ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Women's Solidarity for Peace and Democratic Governance in Myanmar- Burma is a solidarity page that seeks to promote exchanges of ideas and support for women ( and men) working for peace, human security and democratic governance in Myanmar as well as other countries in conflict/post-conflict and in democratic transition. It is a joint undertaking by the Women'r Organizations

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[Statement] Statement on Myanmar’s National Election of November 8, 2015

ADN Statement on Myanmar’s National Election of November 8, 2015   November 19, 2015   The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) congratulates the people of Myanmar for their enthusiastic and peaceful participation in the historic national elections that took place on November 8, 2015. This general election was the first multi-party elections in 25 years since the 1990 general elections. With the suggested voter turnout at 80%, it is highly commendable

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[Statement] ADN welcomes the new constitution of Nepal; concerns over the humanitarian crisis

ADN welcomes the adoption of the new constitution and concerns over the political and humanitarian crisis in Nepal November 18, 2015   The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) welcomes the promulgation of the constitution by the Constituent Assembly of Nepal on September 20, 2015. We congratulate the people of Nepal in collaborating through a democratic process to develop and adopt a constitution that will strengthen the foundations of democracy in

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[SC Member News] ANFREL: Press Statement on the 2015 Myanmar General Elections
ANFREL_ Myanmar

Asia Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) issued the press statement and interim report on the 2015 Myanmar General Elections that took place on November 8, 2015.   A Significant Step for Myanmar’s Democracy that Deserves Continued Vigilance    Yangon – The Asian Network for Free Elections(ANFREL) wishes to enthusiastically congratulate the people of Myanmar on their holding of General and Local Elections on November 8, 2015. Voters

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[Japan NPO Center] Statement of Concern over Undue Restriction of Civil Society Activities

Statement of Concern over Undue Restriction of Civil Society Activities: The Implications of Saitama City Council’s Vote on the Citizens’ Activities Support Center October 28, 2015 Noboru Hayase Chairperson, Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) * Endorsed by 46 NPO Support Centers across Japan and 5 individuals who represent such Centers, as of October 28, 2015 For the Japanese statement, (which has the list of 46 organizations and 5 individuals who endorsed

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Asia Democracy Forum – Regional Workshop on Asia during the 8th WMD Seoul

8th World Movement for Democracy - Asia Democracy Forum : Regional Workshop, Asia   The State of Democracy in Asia - Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society   (November 2, 2015, Seoul, Korea) - Organized by the Asia Democracy Network (ADN), the regional workshop for Asia, Asia Democracy Forum (ADF), took place from 14:45 to 18:15 on November 2, 2015 (Monday) in Seoul, Korea. Attended by approximately 100 participants mostly from

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[Statement] ADN’s deep concern about the state of emergency in the Maldives

Asia Democracy Network's deep concern about the state of emergency in the Maldives   Asia Democracy Network November 6, 2015   Asia Democracy Network (ADN) expresses our deep concern about the recent developments against democracy in the Maldives and the 30 day state of emergency declared by the Government of Maldives on 4 November 2015.   The state of emergency was announced ahead of a major anti-government rally scheduled on 6 November

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[WMD 8th Assembly] Workshop on local democracy in partnership with KHRF

World Movement for Democracy 8th Assembly Workshop Session A - No. 7: How Can Local Governments Provide Space for Democratic Development and Protection of Human Rights? 10:15 to 13:15, 2 November (Monday) 2015 Seoul, South Korea     Organizer : Korea Human Rights Foundation (KHRF), Korea Supported by the Asia Democracy Network (ADN) Time: 10:15 to 13:15 on 2 November (Monday) 2015 Languages : English, French, Korean, Spanish Key organizer

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