AMAN Statement on Atrocities against Muslim and Christian Communities in Sri Lanka

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June 17, 2014
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June 18, 2014
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The Statement of Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) in Response to the Atrocities against Muslim and Christian communities in Sri Lanka
We are deeply saddened to hear of the violent attacks against Muslim and Christian communities, which resulted in the loss of lives as well as property damage in the south of Sri Lanka on June 15, 2014.
We offer our heartfelt condolence to the families of deceased and wish for a speedy recovery to those injured. We strongly condemn such brutal attacks and urge the government of Sri Lanka to take all necessary steps to ensure that the safety, security and rights of minorities are safeguarded.
Sri Lanka has a long story of peaceful coexistence between people of different faiths and cultures. For the last three decades, the country has experienced internal ethnic conflict that ultimately led to violent clashes.
We urge the government, ethnic and religious communities of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Christian to take immediate efforts to build and sustain communal harmony and peace. We believe and pray that Sri Lanka in the future can again be an example for other nations on mutual understanding and collective living.