Contribute to the Special Rapporteur’s next report: How do multilateral institutions affect assembly & association rights?

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Dear friends and partners,

Global governance has long been the domain of States – whether at the United Nations or other lesser-known multilateral bodies. But how do multilaterals affect assembly and association rights? And just how inclusive are multilateral organizations when it comes to giving civil society a seat at the table?

This will be the subject of Maina Kiai’s next report to the UN General Assembly in October 2014.

Kiai’s report will explore whether States create spaces to interact with civil society at the multilateral level and whether in implementing programs through multilateral institutions they enable or hinder civil society’s voice and involvement.

States are clearly obligated to uphold the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association at the national level, but do similar obligations exist at the international level? If so, what shape do they take? For example, is the right to meaningful participation inherent in the right to freedom of association – or does the right to freedom of association stop at the ability to form an association?

The Special Rapporteur is currently in the process of gathering information for his report, and we would like to hear your views. There are two ways to contribute:

1. Review and complete the attached questionnaire (in full or in part) and return it to us at There are separate sections for civil society groups, Member States and multilateral institutions. A concept note for the report is also attached.

2. Contribute to our discussion page on Maina Kiai’s website, which can be found here:

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing your views.


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