Call for International Solidarity on the Status of Human Rights in Cambodia

Contribute to the Special Rapporteur’s next report: How do multilateral institutions affect assembly & association rights?
June 24, 2014
Cambodia: Petition Demanding the Release of MPs-Elect Exercising Right to Freedom of Expression at Freedom Park
July 24, 2014
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Dear Friends,

The UN Special Rapporteur on Cambodia Surya P. Subedi  has released a press statement on his recent mission to Cambodia in addition to a CSO statement on judicial laws and constitutional council. There is an urgency in the shrinking civil society space and needs attention. Please spread widely to your networks.

Click on the links below to download the statements:

SR Cambodia statement 24 June 2014 – FINAL ENG

Statement on Judicial laws and Constitutional Council_Final_20142606

Cambodia at Crossroads_24June2014- Final _2_