[India] ADN endorses the letter against muzzling of Indian civic space and CSOs

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June 1, 2015
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ADN endorses the letter against muzzling of Indian civic space and CSOs

June 2, 2015 – Asia Democracy Network (ADN) endorses the letter against muzzling NGOs in India by expressing our grave concern over the crackdown on the dissent, freedom of association and assembly. This was initiated by Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA), GCAP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty) India chapter and Greenpeace India.

We extend our solidarity and friendship to all working for sustainable development in India. We call for:

  1. End to coercive actions against NGOs and donors, without reasonable cause or due process, which seek to cripple the ability of these organisations to carry on their legitimate and sanctioned work.
  2. Unblocking of Greenpeace India’s bank accounts and an urgent review of all orders placing restraints on organizations, and revocation of such orders where due process has not been followed by the government, no redress mechanism is clearly stated, or grounds are vague, subjective or flimsy. Those we are currently aware of include, among others, INSAF, Peoples Watch, Sabrang Trust, Greenpeace India, Ford Foundation, HIVOS and ICCO, Cord Aid.
  3. Initiate an immediate dialogue between the NGO sector and Government to address our concerns.

For full letter of Solidarity for international CSOs, click here.

ADN calls on our networks and friends to endorse the letter to ensure the protection of civic space and CSOs in India.

Asia Democracy Network (ADN) is an international network of regional and sub-regional civil society organizations engaged in democracy promotion and advocacy in Asia in areas of human rights, election, press freedom, transparency, poverty eradication as well as research.