Study Tour of Mongolian CSOs – Support for Strategy Development of Mongolian CSOs

Seoul, South Korea – Proposed by the Open Society Forum (OSF) from Mongolia, ADN coordinated the study tour to key Korean NGOs for a group of civil society activists from Mongolia to see how Korean CSOs keep their sustainability institutionally and financially, independently from both national government and international donors’ support and influence. The participants from the selected organizations in Mongolia have been involved in the following sectors: strategic litigation, policy advocacy, civic engagement in policy development and implementation, accountability in law enforcement, community mobilization, public sector accountability.


The visiting organizations include the following: Asia Foundation, Beautiful Foundation, Beautiful Store, Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ), Community Chest of Korea, CSO Network in Korea (Civil Net), Kong Gam – Human Rights Law Foundation, Korea Democracy Foundation (KDF), Korea Foundation of Environment Movement (KFEM), Korea NGO Council for Oversea Cooperation (KCOC), National Council of NPO, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Solidarity (PSPD), Seoul NPO Support Center, Seoul village Community Support Center.

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