[Statement] ADN in Support for Citizen-led Protest against Japanese Security Bills

ADN Supports Citizen-led Protest

Against Japan’s Security Bills

September 3, 2015

(Seoul, South Korea) – Asia Democracy Network (ADN) supports the citizens-led rally and protest against new legislation that is likely to become law at the end of September. As one of our founding beliefs that participatory and inclusive democracy plays a role in promoting social justice, reducing inequality and preventing armed conflict, ADN believes that for citizens to take to the street is a cautionary sign for a society.

As the Japanese Diet (parliament) is in process of passing the controversial security bills, a mass of citizens who oppose the bills have taken to the street to halt this move promoted by the current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. According to the media, this mass demonstration was one of the biggest in years in the country, and seems to include many mothers and students typically known as apolitical groups.

In this regard, ADN condemns Japan’s proposed new law to make the country engage in war at any time possible, which goes against its pacifist constitution declared since the defeat of WWII. The proposed law would allow the country’s Self-Defense Forces go into battle to defend their ally, even if there is no direct threat to Japan or its people.

Therefore the ADN would like to urge Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to respond to citizen’s demands scrapping the bills and express their concern over the proposed bills. On the same note, we urge the government of Japan to ensure regional peace and human security through demilitarized means.

The ADN extends our solidarity with the citizens of Japan and fellow peace activists who aspire a world without war for the future generation both in and beyond the country.


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