Proceedings of Asia Democracy Forum – State of Democracy in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society (Seoul, 2 November 2015)


The proceedings of the Asia Democracy Forum summarizes the discussions made during the Asia Democracy Forum that took place on November 2, 2015, Seoul during the 8th World Movement for Democracy Assembly. The theme of the Forum was “the State of Democracy in Asia – Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society” to assess the current state of democracy across the region and challenges and opportunities for civil society and pro-democracy movement in Asia. Furthermore, the Forum was intended for the ADN, as a regional coalition body, to develop its strategic plan for the next term (2016-2017) in order to better respond to the democratic recession.

Attended by approximately 100 participants representing a wide variety of organizations as well as regions, the Forum consisted of two sessions inviting one group of seasoned civil society experts and other group of young generation of activists from various countries in Asia.


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Asia Democracy Network (ADN) is a civil society led multi-stakeholders’ platform among democracy advocates and human rights defenders dedicated to the strengthening of democracy and human rights. ADN is a collaborative effort among CSOs engaged in democracy, human rights and development at the different levels of global, regional, national and local to enhance the synergetic effects of the joint advocacy of CSOs in the Asia region. ADN was founded in Seoul, Korea in Oct. 2013.