[ADN Statement] Living and Breathing Democracy in Korea

[ADN Statement] Living and Breathing Democracy in Korea


Photo Credit: The Minjoo Party


The Asia Democracy Network congratulates the Republic of Korea on a peaceful, free and fair presidential election of President Moon Jae-in. Starting with the three month long citizens’ led candlelight movement, calling for the impeachment of Former President Park Geun-hye over corruption, leading to the parliament and the constitutional court confirming her impeachment to the swift election campaigns Korea is a testimony to a healthy and active democratic process. In addition to the overall peaceful election process, the 2017 presidential elections reached a record 77% voter turnout, the highest in two decades.


The high participation rate is a clear indication of the people that they want to see change on the Korean peninsula. We call on the Moon Jae-in administration to continue with their efforts to unify the politically divided country and to uphold democracy and human rights for all on the peninsula.


We congratulate the Korean people for a peaceful democratic transition of power and continuing democratic precedence for Asia. We look forward to the opportunities of expanded cooperation among Asian nations for a democratic Asia.

Asia Democracy Network

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