[ADN Statement] Maldives Deepening Political Crisis: Condemnation to the Unlawful state of emergency

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January 24, 2018
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Maldives Deepening Political Crisis:

Condemnation to the Unlawful state of emergency



Seoul, Korea – On February 6, 2018


The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) expresses grave concern on the deepening political crisis in the Maldives after the government declared a 15-day state of emergency for the country. The decree immediately was followed by the arrest of Supreme Court justices and former President Abdul Gayoom. ADN emphasizes that such actions are a denial of lawful democratic due process calls for the Maldivian government to immediately annul the state of emergency restoring civilian laws and unconditionally release the detained judges and other political prisoners. ADN also urges President Abdulla Yameen to uphold fundamental rights, respecting the freedom of expression, association, and assembly of the people.

The state of emergency was called by Yameen’s government in response to the mounting protest for his disregard of the Maldivian Supreme Court’s decision to release the nine of the president’s opponents from prison. Political prisoners being held were found to be mainly politicians switching allegiance to the opposition. The release would reinstate the majority of the legislative to the opposition becoming the rival power to the executive branch.

This crackdown on the judicial and legislative system is a clear indication of President Abdulla Yameen’s illegal attempt to consolidate his power. ADN condemns this disregard for the rule of law, freedom of expression, assembly and association and importantly “betrayal“ to democratic institutions.

We are concerned for the growing political unrest and clashes between the police and opposition supporters. We urge for peaceful demonstrations and the government of Maldives to uphold democratic values and fundamental rights. The Asia Democracy Network and our regional partners will closely monitor the situation in the Maldives. We stand with the people of Maldives.

 Asia Democracy Network