[Information] ADN/I5/2013/DEC Call for Tji Haksoon Justice and Peace Award


2013 December 1

Dear Friends,

We apologize for the short notice as the deadline is fast approaching. However, we want to share with you the open call for the Justice and Peace Award by the Tji Haksoon Justice and Peace Foundation, an opportunity to recognize those working selflessly towards democracy and human rights for all.

The Tji Haksoon Justice and Peace Foundation located in Seoul Korea have made an open call for nominations for their 17th Annual Justice and Peace Award. The Justice and Peace Award is presented annually to those that stand up to oppression, in pursuit of justice, peace and respect for human rights.

 Recent Laureates include:


2008 (11th): Workers Assistance Center (Philippines)

2007 (10th): Dr. Salai Tun Than (Burma)

2005 (9th): Kathi Zellweger (Caritas Hong-Kong)

2004 (8th): Yaung Chi Oo Workers Association (YCOWA)- Burma


Extended Deadline: December 5, 2013


Please visit the Tji Haksoon Justice and Peace Foundation’s website for more information.