[Thailand] Statement ADN Condemns Coup D’etat by Thai Military



23 May 2014


ADN Condemns Coup D’état by Thai Military

                 The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) condemns the declaration of a coup d’etat in the name of restoring peace and stability in Thailand. The military has detained key political leaders and have taken control of the press. The complete army takeover of civil administration compromises checks and balances eliminating safeguards to rights violations. This coup is not justified and places grave threats to democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms. ADN strongly urges for the restoration of democratic governance and peaceful political rest through the preservation of democratic principles implementing the will of the people. We encourage civil society and democracy advocates in Thailand and across Asia to work together in unity to restore human rights and democratic governance peacefully in accordance to international human rights norms and standards.


Hyung-sik Shin

ADN Secretary-General