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Mr. Anselmo LEE

Executive Director of Korea Human Rights Foundation (KHRF)


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Anselmo Lee is currently the Secretary-General of the Asia Democracy Network (ADN) and Executive Director of the Korea Human Rights Foundation based in Seoul, Korea. He also teaches as an adjunct professor of Global Governance, NGO, and Human Rights at the Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea. Internationally, Mr. Lee is the Co-Convener of the Asia Development Alliance (ADA), as well as a former Board Member of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation. As an active human rights practitioner, Mr. Lee has experience serving as the Secretary-General of the International Movement of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (ICMICA) Pax-Romana, in Geneva Switzerland, Executive Director of Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), in Bangkok, Thailand, and Director of the Bureau of Human Rights Policy at the National Human Rights Commission of Korea. He holds a Bachelor’s from Seoul National University in Sociology and a Master’s from The Catholic University of Korea in Sociology.


Advocacy Director 

Mr. Yap Swee Seng










Yap Swee Seng has worked in the field of human rights for more than 25 years, including as executive director of Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) in Malaysia and regional human rights organization based in Bangkok – the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA). He received a master’s degree in human rights from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. Currently he is the advocacy director of the Asia Democracy Network.



Team Manager/Coordinator

Ms. Soo Yon Suh



Soo Yon Suh is currently the Team Manager at the ADN Secretariat in Seoul and the  Korea Human Rights Foundation (KHRF). Previously, Ms. Suh has held positions at the Korea Human Rights Foundation as a Research Fellow and the National Human Rights Commission of Korea as an intern. Ms. Suh grew up in Chicago, Illinois, received her Bachelor’s in Political Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago and her Master’s in Korean for Professionals (National Security Education Program- Korean Language Flagship) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.



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