Terms of Reference

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Terms of Reference (ToR)

Final Draft

22 Oct. 2013



① The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) is an international network(umbrella) of civil society organizations, networks, and democracy advocates in Asia who are dedicated to the strengthening of democracy and human rights.
② The ADN serves as a multi-stakeholders’ platform which is an open and inclusive process led by independent civil society organizations and democracy advocates working in Asia.
③ The ADN is a space for policy dialogue for action and reflection at the regional level among CSOs and other stakeholders.
④ The ADN is a collaborative effort among CSOs engaged in democracy, human rights and development at the different levels – global, regional, national and local – to enhance synergetic effects of their joint advocacy.
⑤ The ADN serves as a multi-stakeholders’ platform which is an open and inclusive process led by independent civil society organizations and democracy advoactes working in Asia.

ADN seeks to address the following themes and issues as priority;

① Civil society & enabling environment
② Human rights defenders and democracy advocates;
③ Free, fair and democratic elections;
④ Anti-corruption and transparency
⑤ Freedom of expression and press freedom,
⑥ Civic education for democracy
⑦ Participatory governance and local democracy.
⑧ Justice and rule of law.
⑨ Poverty and development,
⑩ Gender inequality
⑪ Exclusion of religious and ethnic minorities
⑫ Peace building

ADN engages with the following key inter-governmental institutions and processes in Asia and global as priority;

① Community of Democracies (CoD)
② UN Human Rights Council
⑥ East Asia Summit
⑧ Commonwealth
⑨ Bali Democracy Forum (BDF)
⑪ G20 and BRICS

ADN engages and cooperate with the following international multi-stakeholder and civil society networks and processes as priority;

① World Movement for Democracy (WMD)
② CoD/Non-governmental Committee
③ World Forum on Democracy (WFD)
⑤ Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF)
⑥ ASEAN People’s Forum (APF)
⑦ Solidarity for Asian People’s Advocacy (SAPA)

ADN works with the following partner organizations and institutions as priority;

① National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
② Korea Democracy Foundation (KDF)
③ Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD)
④ Asia Foundation
⑤ Tifa Foundation in Indonesia

ADN engages in the following activities;

① Campaign (country, thematic or sectoral)
② Information-sharing through website, e-newsletter, etc.
③ Capacity-building and training including exchange program and mutual learning
④ Research on democracy-related issues
⑤ International advocacy and lobby

Governance Structure

• Governance structure shall be composed of Steering Committee, Advisory Group,  Working Group and Secretariat.
• Mandate of the Steering Committee is two years and renewable.
• General Forum of the ADN shall take place at least two years.
• Steering Committee shall meet at least once a year.


Mandate, Role and Functions
Criteria, Composition and Number
Steering Committee
Provide leadership and coordinatorship
✓ Independent CSO and networks (regional or sub-regional)
✓ Independent membership-based CSO networks


✓ Operations at regional or sub-regional level
✓  Having expertise on key thematic pillars of democracy
✓  11 members for 2013-2015Advisory GroupProvide moral and political support✓ Internationally recognized personalities in the global and Asian democracy movement and organizations including partner organizations✓  About 5-10 personsWorking GroupOrganize campaign and program✓  Country priority : Myanmar (Burma),✓  Thematic priority : Education for democracy, local democracy
✓  Sectoral priority :SecretariatProvide administrative support✓  Civil society network of hosting organization


Criteria for Steering Committee Members

• Regional civil society networks working on following areas (7) : Elections, Human Rights, Anti-corruption/Transparency, Press Freedom, International Development Cooperation, Peace and Security and Research
• Civil society advocacy networks at the sub-regional level (3): Southeast Asia (ASEAN), South Asia (SAARC) and Northeast Asia.
• Secretariat : National democracy network of hosting country (1) :

Members of the Steering Committee for 2014-2015

① Elections – ANFREL
② Human Rights – FORUM-ASIA
③ Anti-corruption – Transparency International (TI)-Asia
④ Press Freedom – SEAPA
⑤ International Development Cooperation – ADA
⑥ Peace and Security – GPPAC
⑦ Research – ADRN to be formed in Nov. 2013)
⑧ South East Asia (ASEAN) – SEACA
⑨ South Asia (SAARC) – People’s SAARC
⑩ North East Asia – ‘North East Asia Democracy Forum’
⑪ Secretariat – KDN