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A CALL FOR ASIAN DEMOCRATS TO FOSTER UNITY THROUGH PROMOTING AND DEFENDING DEMOCRACY TOGETHER   Dakar, 9 May 2018 The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) expresses concern for the regression of democracy in the region. ADN calls for democratic unity of all democracy advocates to defend democracy in their home countries and offer solidarity to those countries in democracy crisis. Taking part in the Ninth Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy

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Asia Democracy Forum – Regional Workshop on Asia during the 8th WMD Seoul

8th World Movement for Democracy - Asia Democracy Forum : Regional Workshop, Asia   The State of Democracy in Asia - Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society   (November 2, 2015, Seoul, Korea) - Organized by the Asia Democracy Network (ADN), the regional workshop for Asia, Asia Democracy Forum (ADF), took place from 14:45 to 18:15 on November 2, 2015 (Monday) in Seoul, Korea. Attended by approximately 100 participants mostly from

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[Information] ADN/I4/2013/NOV Launching of the Asia Democracy Research Network (ADRN)

ADN/I4/2013/NOV 2014 December 27 Dear Friends, We hope we find you well amidst your endeavors for democracy. Continuing the momentum of the Asia Democracy Network (ADN) Launching, we are excited to announce the inaugural meeting of the Asia Democracy Research Network (ADRN) that will take place from November 25-26 in Seoul hosted by the East Asia Institute (EAI). As a key pillar within ADN, ADRN aims to establish a research network in Asia to promote

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[Information] ADN/I1/2013/OCT Founding Assembly of ADN

ADN/I1/2013/OCT 28 October 2013 Dear ADN Friends, Greetings from Seoul! Hope the rest of your stay after the ADN Founding Assembly in Korea was fruitful and your return journey home safe and pleasant. To continue the momentum of advocating democracy, we would like to share with you the Seoul Democracy Declaration and Charter of Principles which was adopted at the official launching ceremony of the ADN and its program on 22 October 2013. The results

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